Thursday, January 7, 2010

There are no dogs in Sunway College

Rattle,reattle,rattle,raaatttlleee,bummp... I was uncomfortably awoken from my desperate need to snooze. I guess it's kinda hopeless to try to catch some shut eye on a bus. The bus was bringing me to my planned destination, GCE A-levels. But I didn expect I have to follow this tiresome routine just to do my form 6. Here's a flashback 3 weeks ago( bear with me cuz I know flashbacks/history can be boring)

  1. I came back from Cameron Highlands feeling 2 emotions, fulliment and dissapointment. I had the best time of my life in 2009 and for the first time in a long while, I didn't gave a bull about SPM. It was like THE vacation and it was almost perfect....(very few moments in life are perfect). Sadly I couldn't go visit the mysterious cameron mossy forest. The feeling is like buying a Durian and finding out that its spoilt..Sigh, I had to endure dizziness ascending and descending cameron, endure refrigarator like atmosphere( I developed an empathy for frozen products), and endure occasional brain freeze.Although I did enjoyed Cameron especially the weather, I expected my 'struggle' to adapt will be repaid in the form of moss. We never knew the mossy forest(mf) would be so awfully remote. You need to hire a truck or van to drive you up the muddy, watery and foggy road to mf. mf is so remote that its highly recommended you follow a tour group. I'll continue this topic later along with the latest addition to my family's animalia collection.
  2. Then I went to Johor Bahru to see my aunt and cousin. I had a nice time there and celebrated Christmas with them. We went to Church and my aunt especially had a great time. Christmas is a time of joy and laughter, so I played Tekkan 5 with my cousins. All 5 are girls, I played with 2, and both thrashed me. My boy ego was wounded and tried very hard to fight back but they pounded me 90% of the time. Then I watched a hit korean drama. It tells of a family riddled with problems after affairs after problems, that's why korean dramas is easily addictive. I slept at 1am hehe
  3. lastly, I just started my GCE A-level, about 1 week into the 1 1/2 year programme. I'm doing it at sunway college and its no honeymoon waking up at 5.20am to catch the bus, class finishes at 4.30pm and bus leaves at 5.30pm, so I reach home at 7pm. Thank God its friday(TGI Friday haha),and I'm finishing this post in sunway's computer room(CLC). The facilities here is awesome and the streamyx is smooth unlike my home. I cant wait to hit the hay and recharge my sanity. I'm confident I'll adapt and I LOVE MY LECTURERS, they are a bunch of awesome people with distictive characters.
Man, I have so much to tell but I dont want to stare at a screen typing for hours. Plus I want to explore Sunwaycollege's well stocked library, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now..

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dinosaurs and the Bible (and the lies on TV/documenteries)

Dinosaurs and the Bible - Answers in Genesis

Ok, since reading this eyeopening piece of information and believing it, I have found out that most modern people are living in a lie. Dinosaurs is one good example, followed by global warming, then TV, and many more I can name.

During the Youth Camp, Pastor Daniel Ross had a question/answers session. For me, it was 1 part question and 4 parts answers..So I asked bout dinosaurs and the bible. This question can say a thorn, in my christian view of life.

I think it was a deep thorn cuz i even held up the bible and telling DR(Daniel Ross) that I couldn't find dinosuars in the bible(I'm feeling quite foolish now for doing that). Well, he told us especially me that they do exist and DR said the internet is a good and easy source of answers on any subjects.

Soo.. I did as he advised and I was fascinated and not disappointed..Trust me, if you read the bible and believe what it says, along with the website above, you will realised that there are a lot of lying fools on the National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and any 'evolution' related documentaries and shows(Jurassic Park the movie included,especially the people in charge hehe)

Next is Global Warming. Now this is going to be 'goooood'..I bet you know that people in starving places are dying, not just from starvation, but also from wars, slavery, famine(not global warming affected), and child prostitution. I bet you do.....Well.... How many people are dying or suffering hell from global warming,hmmm??? People are dying every 8 seconds in foodless regions and we, 'civillised' people are worried of the weather?!? (That is DR's words that surprised me)

Some reading this will say then won't people pollute more and make the effects of global warming more serious? Yes I agree, but what annoys me is that no or very few politicians,governments, international meetings, TV programmes and preventive measures are available to reduce the events mentioned as compared to global frying..

To me, global boiling is one of the world's problems used to divert attention from other problems that are really killing people RIGHT NOW, like propaganda. One last thing, don't believe everything the TV, besides the internet, says... Research and discovering by one's self is very, if not extremely important in discovering truths, including The Word Of God, the bible.

So get researching and less TV documentaries that are lies.

Well I'm off to fullfill one of my pre-adult/old teenager's dreams of visiting Cameron Highland's mossy forest. =) Finally, a place not effected by global Chinese slow roast. Please, please, please let there be a chicken sized dinosaur XD

NOTE: ( it took me 1 1/2 hours to write this, so 500++ people have died from starvation and etc and not from global warm jaccuzi)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Princess & The Frog

When my dad said that The Princess And The Frog was a nice movie, he underestimated it in my honest opinion. The movie ROCKSS!!

During my SPM I couldn't go watch Robert Zemeckis's A Christmas Carol cuz you know studies and etc. And praise to God my throat was not sore anymore during the movie after 3 weeks. I could see the movie without having a feather in my Adam's apple. I only cough a bit hard once when I laugh so hard. I haven't laughed so hard in months.

People of the adult world, it is not childish to watch cartoons whether on TV or daily. I will never ever say I stopped watching Cartoons. Cartoons bring me back to my memorable childhood which I was so blessed to have. I never liked growing up. I wish I was born during Noah's time cuz the average life span was 100 years old. I would still be considered a kid at 30, awesome...

The one or rare few times when I wanted to be an adult was when I had fantasies that studying in a Chinese primary school was harder than a working adult and when I wanted to get married during puberty haha..

Adults are people that I admire but don't wanna be in a hurry.. I would have to worry bout bills, food( I dont think i'll bother bout it cuz Malaysia has one the lowest food and mamak store prices in the world), girlfriend(s) (learning is very important in this field of manhood), money and yadda yadda yadda..I also heard from adult Christians that its so easy to throw Jesus aside during this period of a human lifephase

So you can see why I like being a kid for a little while more. That princess and frog movie gave me a chance to feel honest and pure happiness like a kid again. You rarely get that feeling when you're an adult. I highly and sincerely recommend my dear readers to see this movie but preferably not in Jusco Bukit Tinggi theater room 6(My dad forked out 11 bucks per adult and there were at least 8 seconds of the surround speakers not speaking)

Man i love this nomoreSPM freedom. I feel as free and good as a boy hehe

P.S. The movie also made me wanna be an adult cuz only adult man and woman not boys and girls, can get married =)

P.S.S Next post.......Dinosaurs in the bible.......ROOOAARRRR!!!!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm back again

continued here.. I didnt write so much in one post cuz it bores readers including me and my brother was crying"entertaiment" to me while lying on the floor.My brother is one of the most attentive and bouncy kid i know but he is annoying when he is bored. ( He' s oso a sport as he lets me write stuff bout him hehe stuff heheheheha)

Ok back to my theme, one of the reasons I didnt blog about my freedom, mixed with boredom (I felt lacking and bored cuz 4 two years most of my time was spent studying), was that I fell very sick. I defined 'very sick' as having crazy thoughts roll in my skull and fever induced insomnia. I couldnt sleep the entire day and night after the last secondary Chemistry test i'll ever take and it did not felt any better.

Sometime in my life when I'm darn bored i wish i had a fever just to have the over-warming feeling hehe, weird huh. I tell u now, I do not want to be sick anymore and i'll try to have girls hygiene awareness and self control. That illness really taught me bout a few things and i mean it was burnt into my head by the fever

  1. Always thank the Lord 4 your health and never take it 4 granted or overexert it... NEVER!!! Here feverish proof. I was sick due to a sore throat that caused a fever and headaches when I cough. The reason the Lord showed me during my recovery period was sometimes i overdo stuff when deep down inside i know i should stop. During and after the Chemistry paper, I felt happy but not overjoyed(weird..) and i was slightly feverish. My adrenal glands was straining to keep me healthy looking. I let my body down as i ate disgusting Mcdonalds and salty fries plus i ran out of water and can't touch cold soft drinks.See my point..
  2. You reap what you sow and God makes sure that happens. I was very satisfied with my SPM effort and hope 4 the best, so i reap good as i sowed hardwork. But my carelessness towards the needs of my body cost me dearly not just my sanity.I couldnt watch the movies I wanted watch (in my blurred conscience i realised transformers was JUNK! and it was baseless and filled with deceiving pleasure like Mcdonalds), I couldnt go to Viveks pArTy and PARTY and blah blah with buddies, I couldnt play badminton with buddies the morning after the SPM, and I went to see the doctor which i havent seen in 10 months. I have a ultraman teenage body and i let burn with a fever and sore throat. I reap consicuances as i sowed neglect. Right right now i realised life and God was fair that time, big wide smile on me
  3. God does care and plans 4 your good whether you believed it or not. When we are in trouble like being sick, we always tend to blame God and our circumstances. I know i did. The bible says he will never ever,under whatever circumstances or human opinion leave those who trust in him whether big or small trust, nor forsake them, and bring us to green pastures. Here's something I just noticed, to get to green pastures you sometimes need to go through obstacles. My sickness taught me life lessons and prepared my worn out exam-ed body for the most life changing experience so far, God touching and speaking to me in the Grace Youth Camp 2009. He did it in the most unusual way. I taught i would cry when God touched me till my eyes was red as a rambutan.I did but only once. The next 2 days out of the 4, I was happy and smiling without tears not just when He touched me again but 4 others who were crying. I also smiled when He impressed on my heart His occupation 4 me. See, God heals, cares, touches, loves, lifts up, teaches, encourages, bless, helps, listen and speaks if just just let him...
Now I'm off to live my SPM-NO-MORE life to the max, i mean three-quarters of the max, wheww close call...

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I'm back

Man do I hav stories and more stories to tell u blog readers. I fell its a blessing i get to tell so many ppl so easily through this blog bout what happened after the malaysian examination board's SPM.. There is at least 3 post long of stories I have....

The first is THE GRACE YOUTH CAMP 2009. I felt God like never B4 and i believe that this is jt the appetizer people. I have so many new and life changing memories during the camp. The most important of all is that I as a young, naive,17 year old christian have gain so much knowledge about life from God. One is that God is very very real and very very definately sitting next to you right now just whispering right into your ears that he created. Words cant describe how awesome The LORD God Almighty is that he only whispers to you, only whispers His gigantic Love and knowledge to us. I bet you only whisper when You tell top secret info. God just whispers !!!

This is only one of the 10+++ thing God has told me. And God even thought me how to interact with ppl and girls. Girls.. If you are reading this I bet you want more listening than talking from us dudes. GUYS ! you can try out this piece of advice and not just listen just bcuz you want 2 court them but Bcuz You want to care 4 their human need in all of us, that is to be listened.

to be continued ( these stuff i'm telling you... its from the bible... its THE LIFE MANUEL)

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

12.00am- BANG BOM BoAnG ka BOOM!!

I wish they would just ban firecrackers that exceed 100 decibels of sound pollution. I stayed up watching TV cuz there's no point trying to sleep when there's fireworks outside.

11.05am- pop..pip.pop.. That's not so bad..=]

11.58pm-Ah, now i can sleep in peace..Mom said this is going to be a quiet Deepavali =)

11.59pm- bang boom Baong.. ka boom..

12.00am- BANG kA bOoOoMMM!! Ka bLUEII BANNGG !!! HAppy deePAVALI

12.30am- Sigh.. mom's wrong X(

I remember this was the time when I first started blogging a year ago. Ah..the memories..

Yesterday I went for an interview for ASA Scholarship. I haven't wore my prefect tie for 2 months and I felt funny. HELP Institute was a nifty and clean place and it reminded me of a typical modern school with lockers. I was nervous and my legs were shaking. I made a few friends, nice chaps by the way and dranked coffee while I waited for my turn

They didn't had water available and I haven't drank coffee for 2 years. When my turn came my mouth felt sticky and the man said" your interviewer is the ex-principal of Kwang Hua"

Sounds of "wuuu.." followed and I was lead to a row of offices. As I looked into the office, there sat an old man, looking relaxed and I think I said good morning sir at 4.45 in the afternoon.

The man was very nice and likable and very sporting. He asked about racialnality, the Klang pollution level, roll modelling, and about myself.Compared to JPA interviewers, he was a saint.
JPA will ask about the campus grounds, Yang di-Pertuan Agung, and other nonsense of no connection to the scholarship purpose

Well I did my best and it's the experience that counts.. Fingers crossed..

LAUGH baby laugh haha hehe hoohoohoo..

Today, I went to navin's house for Deepavali. Megga, Ming Rong, Han Ren & Xiang Chee were the first there. We talked and laughed and I ate a delicious Indian lunch.

Chow Kuan came later and I played some Crisis something computer game. The girls came then(Zhao Yee, Yee Ai, Shin Yi, Chee Yee, Geok Wah) and we laughed and chit chat somemore.I didnt talked much because the game was very addictive. I only played 10min and I'm hooked. Note: computer games are dangerous..


Elephant Da Vinci

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cool videos

Here's a typical sleepwalking dog

This parrot knows how to scratch an itch

Tool Using Parrot!!!

©heryl |MySpace Videos

The power of OLD people

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