Thursday, January 7, 2010

There are no dogs in Sunway College

Rattle,reattle,rattle,raaatttlleee,bummp... I was uncomfortably awoken from my desperate need to snooze. I guess it's kinda hopeless to try to catch some shut eye on a bus. The bus was bringing me to my planned destination, GCE A-levels. But I didn expect I have to follow this tiresome routine just to do my form 6. Here's a flashback 3 weeks ago( bear with me cuz I know flashbacks/history can be boring)

  1. I came back from Cameron Highlands feeling 2 emotions, fulliment and dissapointment. I had the best time of my life in 2009 and for the first time in a long while, I didn't gave a bull about SPM. It was like THE vacation and it was almost perfect....(very few moments in life are perfect). Sadly I couldn't go visit the mysterious cameron mossy forest. The feeling is like buying a Durian and finding out that its spoilt..Sigh, I had to endure dizziness ascending and descending cameron, endure refrigarator like atmosphere( I developed an empathy for frozen products), and endure occasional brain freeze.Although I did enjoyed Cameron especially the weather, I expected my 'struggle' to adapt will be repaid in the form of moss. We never knew the mossy forest(mf) would be so awfully remote. You need to hire a truck or van to drive you up the muddy, watery and foggy road to mf. mf is so remote that its highly recommended you follow a tour group. I'll continue this topic later along with the latest addition to my family's animalia collection.
  2. Then I went to Johor Bahru to see my aunt and cousin. I had a nice time there and celebrated Christmas with them. We went to Church and my aunt especially had a great time. Christmas is a time of joy and laughter, so I played Tekkan 5 with my cousins. All 5 are girls, I played with 2, and both thrashed me. My boy ego was wounded and tried very hard to fight back but they pounded me 90% of the time. Then I watched a hit korean drama. It tells of a family riddled with problems after affairs after problems, that's why korean dramas is easily addictive. I slept at 1am hehe
  3. lastly, I just started my GCE A-level, about 1 week into the 1 1/2 year programme. I'm doing it at sunway college and its no honeymoon waking up at 5.20am to catch the bus, class finishes at 4.30pm and bus leaves at 5.30pm, so I reach home at 7pm. Thank God its friday(TGI Friday haha),and I'm finishing this post in sunway's computer room(CLC). The facilities here is awesome and the streamyx is smooth unlike my home. I cant wait to hit the hay and recharge my sanity. I'm confident I'll adapt and I LOVE MY LECTURERS, they are a bunch of awesome people with distictive characters.
Man, I have so much to tell but I dont want to stare at a screen typing for hours. Plus I want to explore Sunwaycollege's well stocked library, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now..

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